Sunday, July 11, 2010

This Thing Still On?

Admit it, you were a little concerned that someone had burned down the barn and turned all the critters loose, weren't you? That our little farm had vanished in some exhibition of high-desert, close to the mystical reservation ancient magic?

No, we're all still here. Actually, a few have left us and some more have joined. We're learning that's just the way of farm life. So the numbers and cast of characters have altered somewhat, but we're essentially all still here.

We've been maintaining on the farm: the hogs are growing, the chickens are laying, the horses are grazing, Gertie is grumbling, and Belle the Wiener Dog is working off her baby fat. (That would be the fat she gained from sneaking into the "baby" food we set out for the new kittens and puppies earlier in the spring.) Truth be told, though, the farm has taken a back seat to life this summer.

It was time.

It was time to focus on refining and simplifying. Growing healthier and stronger. It's been a time of establishing new patterns and turning inward and gaining perspective.

The garden we'd planned didn't get planted; but I know it will re-emerge next spring. And I'll be more ready for it than I was this year.

Though I know we'll continue to miss the harvest, for this season we traded it for other meaningful things: a summer full of friends and playing and pool time and sun. Of every family member working hard to raise money for a much-anticipated end-of-summer trip. For important time with important family members, and watching with joy as a kiddo who couldn't enjoy the last two summers blew the doors off this one. I'm storing every ear-to-ear grin and dimple flash in my memory - I cherish every one.

We haven't gotten to all of the spruce up projects I'd planned for the summer, but I know I can tackle those once the kids are back in school. And I'll be more ready to do it. Plus, I'll get to do a lot of that sprucing up with Mike, and there's not much I enjoy more than working side by side with that guy.

So, this summer hasn't been what I thought it would be, but good and important stuff has been happening and we will all be the better for it.

Most likely this space will rest dark and cool for awhile as we continue to wring every drop from this time we have left before school, and before Adam ventures out somewhere in the world for two years of volunteer missionary service for our church. We have lots of memory-making to complete before then.

I'll be back soon.

Still with lots of love from the farm,