Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break

Nothing like taking a leisurely bubble bath before your shower while you enjoy your teenagers sleeping in during their Spring Break. Loved when they were little and up with the sun but this stage definitely has its rewards as well!

Love from the tub,

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Testing 1...2...3

Our computer is being glitchy...maddening...utterly insensitive to the needs of our family. On a whim, I figured I'd see just how smart this smart phone is, so I'm trying my hand at blogging from my iPhone. This may just open up vast new horizons of communication.

I was thinking blogging may have become passé and I'm totally uncool for doing it anymore, then I remembered my cousin Dreama telling me how my Aunt Anna enjoys keeping up with us through this vehicle. Then I thought how Mike's long out of touch dad, who passed away last year, loved getting the print outs of this blog in the mail from Mike 's Aunt Sonya and how it provided a connection between Adrid and our family that neither Mike nor he knew how to forge on their own.

Then I remembered how this all started because I would send my Valley friends emails about our quirky time settling into rural living. And I decided I want to keep staying in touch through this maybe uncool medium with all those people I just mentioned...tho I'm sad Adrid isn't here to check in on us anymore. I never met him.

So, I don't care about increasing readership or keeping up with the blogging leaders, if there still are any. But I am excited I'll be able to take a quick pic down at the chicken coop and post a quickie note right from the barnyard. See, it's spring and that's when things usually get really interesting around here. Can't wait to start spreading the news again.

Much love from the farm,