Sunday, July 22, 2012

{tap...tap} Anybody Out There?

We're still here! Swear! And, boy, have I missed getting on here! So many times I wanted to settle in for a good chat but i kept getting error messages and had no patience to sleuth out why. But I'm back now...miss me? It's been many months since I was here, and much has transpired that you'll likely never hear about. Chiefly because for some reason I have the worst memory ever. It's a little alarming how poor my memory is. Seriously, it makes me nervous sometimes. Probably years of screamer migraines have left little pock marks in the grey matter. All the more reason to write when the iron's hot! So let's start now. Adam the spry missionary is having a fabulous time in South Africa, where it's presently winter. He's requested mint cocoa and cream of wheat for his birthday care package. Sitting through an Arizona summer, those two items aren't all that appealing right now, but you can bet I'll be hunting them down. I don't dare say this part too loudly but our little farm seems to have fallen out of favor with the local coyote cartel. They are no longer raiding the henhouse, thus the girls are growing and laying and setting. It's fabulous. We have eggs coming out our ears...and a maturing flock. It's a beautiful thing! The kids start school August 1 which I think is ridiculously early! I want them to have a few more weeks of no alarm clocks or disapproving lunch ladies reminding them they need mo money. Boooooo..... Best news of the hiatus: TanMan has had three great months and has felt better than he has since he became sick when he was 10. He's starting high school. So exciting. The co-best news was my sister getting the all clear on her cancer scan. She is out of the woods, free and clear, good to go, and all that jazz. We are over the moon and so grateful. We'll see if I can get back in the saddle here and check in a little more often. Hope you're all happy and healthy and sporting a healthy summer glow! Love from the farm, Teri