Friday, December 23, 2011

Father Time

Merry almost Christmas! The kids are on winter break, we're going to wash every piece of laundry in the house today, Mama Hen and her 9 baby chicks are out of the house and happy in their own box of straw -- all is well!

Oh, I didn't mention we hatched 9 chicks in the house recently? In the living room, specifically? No? Must have been because it wasn't the highlight of my month. Broody Mama who hatched and cooed at her precious babies -- darling, yes. In my house? Boooooooo!

Still, there was a snowstorm, Mama wouldn't leave her nest, she was covered in snow under the honeysuckle bush, we couldn't let her freeze to death just because she was following her motherly instincts, so we brought her in the house. It took three days after the last chick was hatched before I was standing over Mike as he rested on the couch, and arms waving and eyes wild, begged him to let me help him build a home for the new family. Mission accomplished.

That taken care of, I could concentrate on other seasonal things: Christmas presents, baking, indulging in treats, praying for New Years when all the treats would be gone and veggies would reappear, yelling at kids about clumps of mud tracked through the house...all those things that make Christmas magical.

In the midst of it all, Tanner's relapse has been a specter lurking over my shoulder and hovering overhead. You can read about it here, and about our big hopes for Father Time.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and mud-free days in the New Year!

Love from the farm,