Monday, February 22, 2010

More Signs of Spring

When Karlie Q stumbled out of bed this morning, I took one look at her swollen, puffy, sad face and thought, "Wow, that sinus stuffiness or whatever it is looks painful!" and said, "Honey, just go back to bed."

While in my room a couple of hours later, which adjoins her bedroom, I heard soft crying accompanying the footsteps approaching the door of her room. "Mom, when I rub my nose it feels like it's stiff. It hurts really bad," she related through sleepy tears.

After determining it wasn't a stuffy nose on the inside that was hurting, Mike and I took a closer look. Right there on the tip of her nose was a red hole - a sure sign that the poor kid had been stung by something.

We've seen 3 wasps, 1 bee, 1 creeping spider and 1 fly in the last week. As further evidenced by the attack on Karlie's snout this morning, the critters are back, they're spoiling for a fight - which means spring is on its way. Who needs that wimpy Phil fella, who's afraid of his own shadow? We've got fresh-from-hibernation creepy crawlies as proof of the change of the season. Oh, how I'll miss the bug-free months of winter.

By the way, I'd have a little more conviction that spring is indeed on its way if it hadn't been snowing for the last 8 hours. Still, waspish wasps aren't to be trifled with.

Oh, and don't worry about Karlie - the swelling's gone down, her grandma bought her a slushie, and she's watching TV with dad. It's all good. (Of course, knowing now that she's a "sweller," we'll be keeping a close eye on her for future dramatic reactions to stings - could be she's developing a scary allergic reaction.)

Now, I better run home and put jackets on the chicks, so they don't catch a chill in all this snow. Then there's Gertie and her baleful eyes - better stash her somewhere warm, too.

Love from the farm,

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