Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dogs Are Neat-O...Among Other Things

Dogs are neat-o.

Dogs are loyal.

Dogs are always happy to see you.

Dogs give great hugs.

Dogs wag their tails.

Wagging tails make those looking at dogs happy.

Dogs are good sniffers.

Dogs sniff out dead things.

Dogs LOVE dead things.

Dogs roll around gleefully in dead things.

Dogs smell like decay and all manner of horrid aromas when they roll around in dead things.

Dead-thing-rolling dogs stay outside.

Well, at least one does. The other one has 3 fat pups who whine pitifully if their milk mama doesn't snuggle her chubby fanny down with them in their cave in the corner of the living room.

So, when the little critters start to fuss, we have to let mama dog, who heretofore has not been "kept" outside since she had her puppies, back in the house. With a fan blowing from the doorway.

Bad mama dog.

Dogs stink.

(Well, at least temporarily. We'd bathe them, but it's snowing. Again. Snow's beginning to stink in my book, too. If only for the fact that you can't wash the dogs when it's snowing and risk them catching a chill. We love the dogs, after all, even if they stink. To high heaven. Which they do. Review the above if you missed that little tidbit.)

Love from the farm,

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