Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good Day, Bad Day

Good Day: Hubby comes home with $75 in Fry's grocery store gift cards. Weird little Christmas gift from the truck drivers that come through the propane storage facility where he works, but still a fun little freebie. (+75 pts)

Bad Day: Notice that someone scraped the bejingles out of the bottom of my Pampered Chef pot. Ruined. Senselessly, brutally ruined. (-150 pts)

Bad Day: Ok, Bad 6 Weeks of relapsed kidney disease. Worried about my little guy (don't tell him I called him that because he's 13 and cool. And don't you forget it.) And his ailing kidneys. And his weird colored skin and swelling parts. And sky high blood pressure. Bad, bad days. (-75,000 pts)

Good Day: Learn doctor is going to do biopsy to get some answers. (+25,000 pts)

Bad Day: Learn brave kid will most likely have to endure a 6-month course of chemotherapy (-50,000 pts)

Bad Day: Biopsy is cancelled (-10,000 pts).....

Good Day:....because boy has gone into REMISSION!! (+250,000 pts)

Good Day: Chemo is cancelled, too! (+100,000 pts)

Good Day: Hubby tells me to spend the Fry's $$ on long-desired Lodge Dutch Oven! (+150 pts)

Good Day: Close eyes and fantasize about nudging chopped onions and minced garlic and butter around in that beautiful red dutch oven. (+25 pts)

Bad Day: Realize you're driving the car in winter conditions with your eyes closed, fantasizing about a cooking pot. (-50 pts)

Good Day: Snap eyes open before husband and son catch you risking their lives. (+100 pts)

Good Day: Get son home, away from IV's, ports and infusions. (+500,000 pts)

Good Day: Prepare to make first batch of savory soup in Lodge Dutch Oven. (+250 pts)

Good Day: Hear all 4 kids in other rooms, bickering, laughing, snorting...blessed normalcy. (+100,000)

I'm not going to do the higher math, but I'm thinking the Good Days are the clear winner. Now, excuse me while I go press some garlic into a pot and get out my sturdy wooden spoon. I have soup to make and a family to feed.

Love from the farm,

(p.s. "pts" means "points", not "pints". Little embarrassed that you were confused, aren't you? Gotta stay sharp.)

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  1. Ha! I *totally* knew that "pts" was points, not pints. I should get some pts for that, don't you think? :-)
    My goodness, woman, your ability to put things into perspective and, through it all, see the wonderful side of things despite incredible challenge is wonderful.
    Can't wait to hear how your soup turned out in your beautiful new pot. :-)