Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Want, I Need...

I've been pretty good the past few years about separating the "I want's" from the "I need's." But, oh, blessed be, how I love it when an "I want" becomes an "I need"!

Let me explain:

Example #1: I want a new hair dryer, because my old one just isn't blowing as much as it used to. It still works though, therefore, I don't need one.

Example #2: I want new towels, but the old ones still dry us, so I don't need them. (Actually, I do. Our towels are tattered and torn and we don't have any 2 that are alike. It's embarrassing.)
OK, bad example.

But, to the exciting part: I want AND I need a pair of boots for working in the garden. I can't keep ruining cross trainers in the mud, and my heels don't recover from my flip-flop gardening till about mid-December. I definitely, unequivocally need gardening boots. Yippee!!

Now, I just have to choose....
I've been all about the owl thing that started last year, so these trendy little fellas are a possibility...

But then these pink wellies are darling....

Or, should I act my age and get these more classic red wellies? Which are also darling.

What do think?
Love from the farm,

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