Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Farm Fashions

The last few nights, while it's been face-freezing frigid, we've been outfitting the chickens with legwarmers and the pigs love their new muffs. They're boys, but they're confident in their masculinity so they have no problem sliding their front hooves into those furry fist warmers. Muffs were always my favorite winter gear when I was little and living on Lake Erie. I had my round fur Russian hat and matching furry muff to ward off that dreaded "lake effect." Oh, how I loved my muff.

The chickens struggle a bit with their ear muffs, since they're still caught up in the debate over whether chickens actually have ears, but nobody's complaining about their brightly patterned scarves. In fact, I caught the girls clucking merrily in the chicken yard, comparing the stitchery of each other's scarves. There may have been a little bit of preening going on.

Gertie the Goat won't sit still long enough for us to properly fit her pea coat, but she's always been a bit high maintenance.

Anyway, didn't want you to worry about the farm critters. They're getting through the cold nights OK.

(In actuality, we threw lots of extra insulating straw into the pigs' bed area and turned the heat lamp on in the chicken coop. Let's face it, we can't go putting legwarmers on the chickens. That'd be weird. Still, everyone's staying warm. That's what counts.)

Love from the farm,

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