Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer's End

Today, the kiddos went back to school. Why our district starts so blooming early is beyond me. For my three little ones, summer has ended at least six weeks before it's going to start feeling like fall around here. Our experiment in homeschooling has come to an end, but it merited great results. We regrouped, the kids regained their health, and they were eager to get back to a structured classroom. It'll be just fine. It's just that school came too soon on the fringe of a too short summer.
Still, while it lasted, it was lovely. And, a lot happened.

I got to do this two weekends in a row.

Relaxing by the Dolores River in Colorado, about an hour from Telluride one way, and Durango the other. Bliss.

 And, we all got to spend some time with Mike's Granny.

Is this lady beautiful or what?

We got together in June near Lake Powell to celebrate Granny's 90th birthday. That's right...90. Can you believe it? She's lovely and I wish we could spend more time with her. We still get handmade Valentines and Christmas gifts from her. I love this woman.

And that cute guy kissing her cheek? That's my Michael. I don't know if you've met him yet. You'll be seeing more of him soon.

Along with quality time performing for their Greater Granny at the family talent show, the kids also got in lots of great cousin time this summer.

 Miss Macy hung with Morgan and Megan. A lot.

These guys hung with us in Colorado, where Tan did lots of night fishing. Adam has been working all summer for his aunt's pool company, but he took time to ride the gondola into Telluride with us and hit the shops with us. He missed out on the white water rafting, but he got lots of city time in in the Valley of the Sun, so I don't think he missed it much. Do you realize in just 27 days this big blondie is flying off to South Africa for two years? Good grief.

This sweet girl got in lots of Colorado, cousin, swim and sleeping-in time this summer.

This is my Karlie. And, that's the hat that she really, REALLY wanted me to buy. She didn't walk away with it. See that forlorn little smile on her face? She sensed the end of her relationship with the coveted cap was near.
But, she still had lots of fun. Don't let those puppy dog eyes fool you.

We loved having Michael along for two weekend getaways in a feels like he misses out on a lot because of his shift work schedule.

This summer, though, he got in lots of cuddle time with his little ones, who aren't so little anymore.

This is a dad who can't get enough of his girls.

Even when his girls can't behave in the face of a camera lens.

Macy in particular has trouble containing herself in front of the lens. More on that later.

In the meantime, have you noticed how incredibly *all that* my husband is? This is a man who just gets more mmmm...mmmm....mmmmm with age.

I am a lucky woman. This October will mark 15 years with this fella. I'm still pinching myself. The time has flown. I can literally remember the moment I first saw him, lanky and tall, silhouetted in the doorway of my house. Those crinkly eyes had me from the get go. Whew.


Let's get back to Mike and his kids.

Devoted as he is to these girls and his boys, even Mike reaches his limit with Macy's goofy faces.

Yep, that's her tongue you see poking out there. Macy will lick her way out of any situation where that technique has even a modicum of a chance of success. Consider yourself warned.

Ahh, yes, that's our girl.

Most of the time, she looks something like this.

Just a sweet young lady, heading off to girls' camp for a week.

But even as you're getting this sweet girl,'re also getting this sweet girl...

...and this goofy girl...

...aaaaaannnndddd, this intriguing girl...

Which is why, I love it when I catch her unawares.

When she has absolutely no idea anyone is watching.

When she is just being her beautiful, reflective, serene, amazing self.

This girl takes my breath away. I find myself going completely still so I can just take her in. I hope she will come to know how incredibly beautiful she is. And how utterly cherished she is by her dad and me.

I could have just gone on and on driving down the road, capturing every uninhibited moment. Alas, we had to turn in to the driveway, and the change in direction jolted her out of her reverie.


Love from the farm,


  1. The pictures you took of your gal in the back of the pickup truck should be blown up to poster size and framed with a mat. No joke. These will make amazing memories.

    Love the blog. It is wonderful to love your man after such a long time together. I've been marrried to mine over 25 years and it feels like we just got started yesterday.

    I enjoyed the visit!


  2. Thanks, Lana! That's a great idea about framing those pictures of Macy. So glad I had a camera while she was unawares. Looking forward to visiting your corner of the web (when I'm not at work! ;) )
    Cheers! Teri