Friday, September 23, 2011

I Believe - Again

A couple of years ago, I was reading this blog when I stumbled across this little ditty. I swelled up with joyful emotion and thought, "Me, too; me, too! I believe, too!" Then I promptly fired off an email to my friends who I'd left behind in the smoggy city, and later posted it my own blog.

I ran across it tonight and I felt the same way as I did back then. I love this life we have. Chicken poop and all.

I know I could just link to the verse from when I posted it way back when, but I think it merits showing up again right here.


I Believe

I believe in cord wood, iron stoves,
and breakfast
I believe in freshly baked bread and mail order catalogues,
ticking clocks, dogs and cats and
corn right out of the garden.
I believe in families who laugh together
and because of this
I believe in tomorrow and the day after
the goodness of man
and the joy of living.

 ~Maxwell Mays~

Love from the farm,

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