Saturday, September 17, 2011

What's In A Name?

The time has come to name the chickens.

Normally, I'd have named these critters when they were tiny, but given our luck keeping chickens alive here previously, I just had to wait.

But, since this flock has survived infancy and young adulthood, and we have a secure chicken yard waiting to keep them safe for the forseeable future, I believe it's safe to finally give these chickens monikers.

This here is our black rooster. We're trying to figure this guy out. He started out all cooing and gentle. Then he started stalking us and pecking at our feet. Now, he just stalks us in close proximity as we walk. We're waiting to see how this one is going to unfold.

We have three roosters and six hens. Obviously, two of our roosters will have to go. Somewhere. We'll need to figure that out soon. I'm not naming the roosters just yet, as I don't know who's staying and who's not. And I can't give away or can someone with a name.

OK, here are the least those who were around while I was snapping photos this morning.

This lady is going to give us green or blue eggs...see those green legs of hers? I can't wait to start getting her beautiful eggs. Any ideas? I'm leaning towards Sofie.

This little lady is our friendliest hen. She comes trotting up to see us everytime we're in her sights. Maybe Annie or Kate. Not sure on her yet.

These black hens of ours are enigmas to me. I just don't know what they're thinking. I'll be glad of the moments we're all in the chicken yard together, so I can sit on my stump and watch them closely, rather than them being scattered around the farm, hard to pin down. (By the way, I really do sit on a stump; that wasn't some weird slang for referring to my hind end.)


I'm thinking Iris or Lois or Fern for this gal. She seems like she has an old soul.

I'll let you know once we've made their names official.

Don't hold your breath, though, I'm the woman who brought my third child home from the hospital without a name because I just felt the weight of the importance of that decision and couldn't just slap any ol' name on her. Besides, Baby Girl Walker had a sweet ring to it. So did Macy Lee, which is what we came up with on Day 3 of her life.

Hopefully, we'll feel a little less pressure on the chicken naming.

Love from the farm,

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