Friday, January 31, 2014

Doris' New Friends

Doris the Duck has been alone for awhile now.

Doris used to have a good friend named Bruno the Goose.

Well, I'm not sure how great a friend Bruno really was, since she was kind of mean to Doris. But Doris hung around her all the time and followed her and generally didn't let Bruno out of her sight.

But Bruno died some time ago, and while Doris has been in with the chickens ever since, she's never really fit in. They don't like her much.

She spends a lot of time muttering to herself, all alone.

It's made me sad to see her alone and lonely. I've wanted her to find her place. To find a friend.

And, now, she has a chance to change her stars.

Tonight, the boys went over to pick up four new ducks that we're getting from a family who is moving, and now, Doris will have friends.

We hope.

The boys put the new ducks into a building adjoining the chicken coop, and after dark, they put Doris in with them. Hopefully, they'll wake up tomorrow and find themselves fast friends.

That's the plan, anyway. We'll see how it goes.

By the way, now we may actually have a flock of ducks. Five qualifies, right? As I learned tonight, a group of ducks is actually called a "bunch" or a "raft," when they're paddling on the water. If they're in flight (which I hope will never be the case), they'd be called a "skein" or a "string." Just waddling around the farm? I have no idea what they'll be called.

Ooooo, we'll have to come up with a fun name for a group of farm wandering ducks. I love a creative challenge.

I'll meet the new ducks tomorrow, since I wasn't here before they were closed up for the night. I'll see how they're doing, get some pictures and check back in with you to let you know how I've decided to refer to them.

I'll also let you know whether it looks like Doris is going to accept her new pals.

Fingers crossed on the farm,

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