Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Kids on the Block

Here are the newest members of our little farm family.

Meet The Ducks.

(We don't have names for them yet, but that little grey fellow has stolen my heart so I need to come up with an extra special name for her. I guess I should start with not calling her a fellow.)

The Ducks have begun venturing out of the shed and are trying to get the lay of the land. They've even sauntered over to the chickens, cautiously observing their farm mates from a distance.
There isn't much happening on the bonding with Doris front, though. In fact, this is how it looks a lot of the time.
The Ducks are interested in her; Doris just isn't having much of them yet.
In fact, she even ventured over to the chickens, who she previously spent a lot of her time avoiding, and began making nice.
"Hey, Chickees, don't mind me. Just pecking around like you, that's all. What?! Nooooooooo - I always liked you guys. What makes you ask a silly thing like that?," she guffaws, only slightly overdoing it, ducking her head over and over, as supplicant ducks do.
Not surprisingly, the socializing moment passed quickly, and there was Doris, back to the regular state of things. Alone.
Maybe she's OK with it. Maybe she's not sad. Maybe she simply likes her alone time. Maybe she's just an observer, content to be among the chickens and The Ducks, not needing to be hanging with them every moment.
Time will tell.
And when anything worth crowing about happens on the bonding front, Wyatt the Rooster stands ready to testify.
Love from the farm,

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