Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sonny & Cher

Meet Sonny.

Oh, me find one where he's looking at us.


Come on now, how could I NOT? :)

A wonderful lady in town sold us some of her chickens from her McMurray Hatchery order of this spring. They're just beginning to lay eggs, so we are lucky to have them fill the void left from losing our flock last weekend (I'll write about that later. Maybe.)  Aside from missing our 6 hens and Wyatt the Rooster, we also were down to our last few eggs from them. As soon as they adjust to their new surroundings in the next day or so, we should start getting eggs from our new friends.

Well, not from Sonny. Because he's a boy. Let's keep up.

But his girl, Cher, here...she should be letting loose some huevos anytime now.

I didn't get too close to the newbies with my IPhone since it was their first day in the chicken yard and I didn't want to push myself on these newcomers yet. I just sat on a straw bale watching them get the lay of the land for a while after work yesterday. I'll get better pictures of them soon.

Of the 15 new chickens, these two had to be named first. It had been a few years since I had a crazy-haired chicken, and I had missed having these fellers around so I decided the names had to be perfect.

I toyed with "Dude" for the rooster for awhile, but then I decided his lady friend had to be Cher, so naturally Sonny followed.

Why Cher, you ask?

Well, come now...

 Isn't it obvious?

Surely you understand I had no choice.

But why Sonny for our rooster pal?  Well, here's what cinched it for him:

The man is wearing silver boots, for Pete's sake. Sonny was clearly the only option.

In time, we'll put these two in a pen together so we can be sure to have little Chastity at a future time. Or a little Chas. We may let them decide. One thing's for sure, though, we want to keep these fine feathered heads as part of our flock for a long time to come. We figure we're in pretty good shape...if we know anything about Cher, it's that the girl has staying power. 

Love from the farm,

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