Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Progress

So you know how every time someone says, "You probably can't see it but this slide shows..." and you think to yourself, "Why are you using it if we can't see it?"

Well, you're about to have one of those moments. Because you probably can't see it very well but my spice cabinet looks really fabulous. I mean lovely, warm and welcoming. As welcoming as peppercorns and curry powder can be, that is. And, you probably also can't see it but my lovely mortar and pestle is there in the corner and just makes these beautiful herbs and spices come alive. Bliss.

This is real progress for me. Before the transformation, this cupboard was sticky with molasses and chia seeds and overflowing with multiple baggies - many torn and leaking - of various aromatic substances. It was a huge mess. Now it's pretty. And it makes me happy.

I don't know how many times I've walked into the kitchen and opened the cupboard just to stare at this sight. One more little corner of my world set in order. I love order.

The humongous stainless steel bowl and plastic basin of leftover bottles of duplicate and random spices are tucked in an upper cupboard out of sight where I don't have to see them every day - I can just look at these prettily packaged ones. I can live with that. And I'm content knowing the quart jars of bulk spices are still hanging out under the hutch, too.   Not sure but that I might have a bit of a fixation here. I don't care -- herbs and spices look and smell pretty and we're well prepared to have savory culinary adventures even if in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Well, this post went places I hadn't planned.

Oh well.

Love from the farm,

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