Saturday, April 20, 2013


This lone spear will be the sum total of our asparagus harvest this year. That's it. One crisp, delectable spear. See, you plant asparagus the first year, don't harvest it, wait till the following year, don't harvest then either, and then harvest lightly the following year. And then, you only enjoy the harvest if you don't mistakenly assume that snowstorms and freezes kept the growth at bay.

So, while we had more than one sprig mature to eating size this year, the others grew to crazy proportions during the week I didn't check on them and we missed our window. Patience and vigilance required for this tasty crop. Lazy gardeners need not apply.

I will be ordering loads more asparagus starts this week so we can plant the fence line of our property that abuts the alfalfa field and the spears can take advantage of the heavy watering of the hay. We love asparagus and I want hefty crops in years to come. If I order now, then we can all enjoy a nice big bowl of asparagus for dinner.

In 2016.

Mark your calendar.

As I said, patience.

Love from the farm,

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