Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Temptations

The sky is wet today, the wood stove is toasty and it feels like winter, which means it feels like Christmas. And I want to listen to Christmas music.

Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who have gone on record that I get annoyed when Christmas leapfrogs Thanksgiving right after Halloween, so I either have to eat my words or stifle my desire.

I'm stifling my desire. Because when I say I've gone on the record, I mean to this rather disturbing degree:

Yep, I posted that on Facebook awhile back.

So, I'm stuck with my darned publicly proclaimed stance, which means even though I'm feeling Christmasey and the wassail is filling the air with its orangey-appley-clovey-cinnamoney aroma, I am not listening to Christmas music today.

I am, however, listening to Frank Sinatra Radio on Pandora, and it's kind of the same thing.

Can't wait for the day after Thanksgiving when I can crank those cra cra Christmas tunes.

So, I lift my mug of wassail and proclaim cheers to Not-Quite-Merry-Christmas Wishes from the Farm.

Take it away, Frank,

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