Thursday, November 21, 2013


On our farm we have lots of good helpers. We are going to use images from circa planting season Spring 2013 to illustrate this point.
Here we go.
Tanner is a good helper. See Tanner spreading soil booster on the garden bed.

Mike is a good helper because he runs the tractor to dump good, aged pig poo and compost on the garden.
Mike's mom Sharron is a good helper because she does LOTS of work around the farm and added beekeeping and honey producing to our bag of tricks.
Karlie, Mike and Macy are good helpers because they plant the garden while I sit in a chair and supervise because I smooshed my back in a dramatic little farm accident that did not have nearly enough witnesses considering it was so spectacular.

See Tanner looking like a handsome farm boy in his Grandpa's old boots and Dad's old jeans while spreading this cool, natural soil booster on the garden just before the storm hit.
Chickens are good helpers because they give us eggs, poo for the garden and lots of entertainment.
Here we have two helpers in one -- Macy and a future egg layer and chicken poo pooper.
Now, do you want to know who is NOT a farm helper?
Well, I'll tell you.
These guys.
This is Otis and Jackson.
Otis is Jackson's son. And his nephew. He is not, however, his own grandpa. We take inbreeding only so far around here.

See this teeth baring frolic? This is standard fare from these fellas.
Chasing away coyotes? No.
Protecting the chickens? No.
Herding a few sheep maybe? Well, we don't actually have sheep, but still, I'm guessing the answer would also be No.

These fellers are content to let Tanner work away on the garden bed, while they shamelessly squander the last moments before the looming storm overtakes the farm. These pooches serve no practical purpose on this farm and they appear to be perfectly OK with this sad state of affairs. 

At least this fella is working hard at filling a void...a void left by Mike and the girls planting the plant starts that had previously filled up this tray.

These guys don't work on the farm, because actually, they don't even live here. They live a couple houses down and yelled at me every time I went to feed and water them while their owners were on vacation. They don't do one darn thing for us, either, but at least they have an excuse since they don't live here.

These guys? No excuse. No excuse at all.

Oh, well. I guess if you're no help at all, being cute, devoted and loveable provides some measure of compensation.
But cute doesn't get the tomatoes picked, now does it?
Otis and Jackson may need to undertake some reflection and self evaluation this winter to see if they can step things up a little bit come next planting season.
Love from the farm,

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