Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Holey Ground

A while back, Dad and I were chatting about the pigeons that take over our barn from time to time.
OK, so it's pretty much all the time.
Admittedly we haven't done THAT much to deter them.
When we moved our first mama cat and kittens down to live in the barn, we didn't have a pigeon problem.
When the fluffy white Harry Potter owl lived in the barn, we didn't have a problem.
When a feisty little chicken hawk took up a roost in the barn, we didn't have a problem.
But, other than those brief weeks and months, we have pigeons. And plenty of them.
"Well, why don't you just have Tanner grab some boards or tin and cover the holes in the barn? I remember doing those patch jobs when I was a kid," says Dad, all innocent and guileless.
He didn't understand why I snorted the soda I was sipping.

This is just one wall of the barn.

We would never see Tanner again.

Love from the farm,

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