Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello, Again!

Just checking in real quick to let you know we're back! We were gone a few days to take care of my sister Lynda's misbehaving thyroid, but we're back now. And she's zonked on pain killers. So, everybody's happy. Well, Lynda's really happy, if you know what I mean, since those Percocet can be little tablets of woozy goodness, I'm guessing, based on her bleary-eyed smiles.

Know what happened while we were gone?
These arrived! Yes, they're standing right there in my dining room and I'm about to slide them on to go outside and look at the back 40, where the kids and Mike spent a lot of time doing some spring cleaning while I was gone. For those who like to enjoy a good visual now and then, let me oblige: I will be wearing these with my hair pinned back (does anyone say pinned anymore?) and Adam's checkered grey robe. I will be a vision.

You know what else happened while I was gone? The onion sets I ordered came in and are sitting on my kitchen window sill. I ordered what we refer to around here as "Woodruff Onions," because somehow those Woodruff folk grow the biggest, baddest onions around, so I was bound and determined to get in on their community onion order this year. (Does your community have an onion order?)

Wonder how one onion can really differ much from another? Just take a gander.

Now, excuse the poor photo quality but the onion's long gone so I can't grab another shot. The one on the right is your standard grocery store yellow onion. The one in the middle is a "large" sweet onion, again from the grocery store. That big boy on the left is Cousin Jack's Woodruff-grown onion.

So, you understand the choice was clear. I had to order the Woodruff onions. And, once they're grown, I'll have to invite 6 extra people to dinner every night because there's no way on this Good Green Planet that a recipe that feeds our family of 6 will ever call for that much onion. Still, I'll win. My onions will be the biggest on our road, I'll betcha. And that's all that matters.

For those wondering: bigger than a softball, smaller than a cantaloupe.

Love from the farm,


  1. One of my favorite ways to use these particular onions is to slice them thickly and grill them in full rings and slap them on a burger with grilled mushrooms as well.

  2. Oooooo, that sounds fantastic! Of course, just the onions and mushrooms would do it for me. I'll so be trying the thick sliced rings!