Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ta Da!

Scandalous. I teased it here and a little bit at the end here, then.....never related the connection between the mysterious photos.

Here we have this tremendous news and I delay the big reveal.

Don't think it's because it's not that big of news or that it's because I'm not very excited. Neither could be further from the truth. It is big news and I'm very excited.

Maybe not as excited as Adam, but excited nonetheless.

Did you catch that big, fat clue? That Adam might be more excited than me?

What could be up with Adam? What could be the big mystery? What does Adam have to do with giraffes, elephants and beautiful actresses?  Have you figured it out? (By the way, would you agree the photographer who took Adam's senior pictures was a visionary? I mean, how could he have known this photo would have fit this little post perfectly? Genius.)
OK, so here it is. Here's the big announcement...

My sweet firstborn baby, who can't possibly be old enough to venture out on his own, will be venturing far across the world, to serve a volunteer mission for our church in South Africa!

That's right - SOUTH AFRICA!!

He will be flying out of the Flagstaff airport on August 30 and will arrive in Johannesburg on September 1, where he'll live for 2 years. We're beginning the passport application process and the rounds of immunizations, and burning up Google with queries about food, tourist locales, cultural icons and the geographic distribution of political unrest (which is far from where Adam will be, thank heavens.)

As you can imagine, we're in the midst of digesting the whole shebang, figuring out whether there's any chance Charlize Theron will visit her home country during the time that Adam's there and the attendant odds that Adam and his companion just might happen to run into her, and anticipating Adam coming home with that really cool South African accent.

OK, now I have to go research thick-seated suit pants that won't wear out from riding thousands of miles on bicycles.

Love from the farm,


  1. Congratulations to Adam!

    Best wishes and warmest aloha!


  2. Thanks, Tauna! We've already bought a 2-year supply of sunscreen for him. ;)