Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dreaming of Chickens

I dreamt of chickens last night.

Rather, I dreamt of one very odd looking chicken - she was black, with a long neck, bushy head and scrawny body. In my dream I was a little alarmed when I saw the chicken. I don't know if it was because she didn't belong to us, she hadn't looked so weird the last time I'd seen her, or if it was a case of every time I looked at that particular chicken, I was shocked by her appearance. You know how dreams can be woefully short on back story. I suspect it was the latter - that every time I came into the chicken yard, I was shocked by her appearance.

When I woke this morning, I knew only one thing for certain.

It is time to order Spring chicks.

We need to get our little flock growing again so we can have eggs by late Summer. (I like to capitalize the seasons sometimes. Seasons are exciting so I think they bear emphasizing. Plus, I think there is a time when it's grammatically correct to capitalize them. I'm not sure when that time is so I do it every so often just in case I hit the mark occasionally. Kind of an accidental smarty moment. Or not.)


We'll be getting new chicks soon - breeds selected to provide us with brown eggs, white eggs and green eggs. White eggs are kind of boring but the Leghorns who provide them are fantastically consistent, giving you pretty much an egg a day, every day, and I'm looking forward to that kind of dependability in a flock.

We will of course have at least one of these guys:

Solely because for more than a year I have wanted to name a chicken "Reggie," and if this guy doesn't look like a "Reggie," I don't know who does!

Now, responsible chicken owners will have the brooder box ready before ordering the chicks, so that's what we'll do. Or what I hope Mike will do since he has the next 4 days off.

With this decision made, maybe the chickens won't come to me in dreams. Maybe eggplants will come to me in dreams, because I really need something to spur me along on seed starting.

I just hope eggplants in dreams aren't scary.

Love from the farm,


(P.S. Yes, Mom, this means I have flip-flopped on the decision to continue to have chickens. I know you'll be astonished to hear this of me.)

(P.P.S. We had already made the decision to get new chicks. The dream only reminded me to get on it. I do not make decisions based on dreams as I am not a Biblical prophet. Just to be clear on that.)

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