Saturday, March 12, 2011

Snuggling Down With Some Favorites

Used to be, when I felt bad enough to give up and crawl back in bed, the most I had to look forward to was diving into a good ... or not so good ... book.

Today, I got up and around (but not very far around) for about 3 hours then decided I really didn't feel good - shivers, fever, tummy - and was going to crawl back in bed. Then I had a moment of unexpected delight when I realized I could bring my laptop to bed and do some guilt-free catching up ... hours of it! ... with my favorite blogs.

There are some women out there who have opened their lives and farms or homes to the world who I just love to visit. Now, my 20-year PR and marketing career taught me that you NEVER promote someone else's product, unless it's a cross-promotion that strengthens your own brand. Well, I guess I've just shed most of my PR identity because I'd rather give kudos to and share the joy and whimsy (and scrumptious recipes or unabashed decadence) of keeping up with these ladies, rather than worry about sending you away from my little corner of the blogosphere. Besides, Gertie hasn't said so, but I think she's in a huff over all the recent attention, so she'd rather hang out of the public eye for a bit.

So, if you have time - or if you are a little under the weather and want some light reading - I might suggest you visit some of these wonderful gals:

The Pioneer Woman
On The Way To Critter Farm
Life On A Southern Farm
A Handmade Life
Morning Ramble
Not Dabbling In Normal
101 Cookbooks
Chiot's Run
Chickens In the Road
Coal Creek Farm
Unearthing This Life
Slow Living Essentials

Now, go visit some of these folks. You can thank me later. (And, do let me know who you discover you love.)

Propped against pillows on the farm and suddenly feeling better about feeling bad,

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