Monday, March 21, 2011

Blowin' In the Wind

I couldn't figure out why Belle the Weiner Dog was cowering when I tried to let her out this morning, then I looked at the scene from her point of view. The right side of the doorway was framed in stickers from the tumbleweeds that overnight have lodged 5 feet high on the porch. She probably thought she was being sent to do her business in a briar patch.

The wind has begun its annual blow here.

When I was a little girl, I had romantic notions of Spring, where April showers really did bring May flowers. Now, I live where Spring means being excited at the prospect of gardening, then being beaten down by the wind and grit. Where my bright-eyed enthusiasm gives way to wondering how important it really is for the wee plants to get a good start in rich, fertile soil. Because, at the very time when I should be working all that life-giving manure I've been talking about lately into the ground in preparation for planting next month, the wind kicks up and doesn't stop blowing until roughly June.

I guess I'll have to borrow Mike's protective eye gear, put a scarf over my hair ...and mouth... and wait till he's at work to undertake the task of spreading the poo. Because I'm not sure our marriage can survive him witnessing this scene twice.

Love from the farm,


  1. Too funny, Teri. I can just picture it...and to my eyes, it's lovely.
    PS - I also think manure would make a great gift. ;-)

  2. all are getting that crazy wind, too, huh? Did you see the pictures on 7MSN this morning? Looks like I high-tailed it outta there in the nick of time (lol), though I also would've given my eye-teeth to be there to help Carson out.

    I think you need to post some pics of those 5' high tumbleweeds surrounding your porch. Poor Belle. Just your description made me giggle - though I'm certainly not laughing at *her*, just her perceived situation. :-)

  3. Heather, the feed store owner couldn't believe it when I bought my sister steer manure for her bridal shower. (It was a gardening theme.) I figured it was my only bona fide opportunity to give someone a ration of crap for a gift! ;)

    Danni, those 7MSN pictures were crazy ...and familiar! It gets like that here - I just sent my oldest outside to retrieve the feed bags that had blow across our 3 acres and snagged on the neighbor's fence. Bad for neighbor relations! :) You DID get out of NM just in time - poor Alan looks like he wishes you'd taken him with you. What a pitiful face!

    I know, I should have pictures of the tumbleweeds. I should have pictures of lots of things, but am dealing with sub-par photo equipment. Can't wait to get a new camera and begin snapping away. (And, yes, Poor Belle! It's rough being the littlest farm critter!)