Monday, September 7, 2009

Sexy (Email Classics)

Written May 9, 2009

As I was (euphamistically speaking) "preparing the garden" for plowing this week, I had the following thought:

A real man doesn't know sexy until he's seen his woman standing on a 10-foot pile of steer manure, throwing it by the shovelful into the back of his F250 pick up. Wearing a fuschia handkerchief. And a denim skirt. In the wind. With wrap-around eye protection. For 4 hours.

(Ok, part of that time was spent throwing said manure on the garden, then refilling the truck with HORSE manure, and throwing THAT on the garden. Next year: bags of steer poo from Home Depot. I'm just sayin'. Christmas presents of poo are ok. Just ask my sister Lynda. I gave her steer poo for her bridal shower.)

The saving grace? The eye protection was more Dale Earnhardt than welding class. My life's pitfall at the moment? Using a Dale Earnhardt comparison as if it's a positive thing for a girl.

Love from the farm,

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  1. Haaaa! Very cute.
    And yes, my experience is that a tough farm girl is considered *very* sexy. :-)