Friday, September 18, 2009

...and Now a Word from Our Sponsors

Indulge me with a quick time out. This is birthday week. The week Macy turns 11, Tanner turns 12 and Adam turns 18. It's been a little busy around here, what with birthday shopping, birthday meal cooking, birthday partying, performances at the Navajo County Fair, scouts, school, roping lessons, work, middle-of-the-night-marauder intervening, peach canning, chores, rodeo....

Just give me a day or two to catch up from birthday bliss and we'll be right back with the next installment from the farm.

(Joy of joys - Adam received a camera for his birthday. I'll be stealing it frequently, so perhaps we'll start populating these bare blog pages with vibrant images of my beautiful children and quirky critters. He's also taking shipment on an electric guitar and amplifier. We'll just keep those far away from the blog for now.)

Oh, and when I get back, don't forget to ask me about the attempted turkey abduction.

'night and love from the farm,


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