Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm Scared of Twitter (Email Classics)

Written February 25, 2009

Ok, I am addicted to a new blog I found, which is why I'm up at 2:37a bothering you. Earlier today, I signed up at Twitter to read some of this blogger's clever little musings. Then tonight, I got a message from "Cliffside" saying that he's now following me on Twitter.

What I want to know is: who the heck is Cliffside and why is he following me????

Love from the farm,

(I promise, I'm putting the kids' "tomorrow clothes" in the dryer and then I'm going to bed. And, yes, around our house I give whimsical names to things to mask my disorganization. Asking the kids to put their "tomorrow clothes" on the washer is much more pleasant than saying, "I'm sorry there are still, literally, 18 loads of laundry in the mud room so there are no clothes in your drawers. Please pull one of the outfits you already wore this week off the floor and put it on the washer. And, yes, I'm fully aware I don't have a job and am home all day and I can't explain why the house isn't clean and the laundry isn't Downy fresh. Now, don't trip over the Diet Pepsi cans, broken hangers and empty styrofoam soda cups as you get the heck out of my room and let me get back to the computer. And, don't complain about sleeping in the living room either. I swear we'll disinfect your mattress so you can be back in it by the weekend. Now I mean it, shut your mouths and say your prayers. I love you." Please, just let me have "tomorrow clothes" until I'm past the chaos and edging toward organization. Besides, they don't mind sleeping in the living room. Seriously...we pulled the futon in there so it's just like camping. Then, when the wasp ran Tanner out of his room last night after ruthlessly stinging him on the hand at bedtime, he had the girls to keep him company. See? It all works out.)

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