Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hoping Lullabies Are Being Sung

I try to keep the greater world out of Love From the Farm, for the most part, because this is such a wonderful little place to hide away. But, oh, my heart is aching for all that is happening in Japan, and all that was recently happening in New Zealand and Australia and Chile, and the stacks of natural disasters that have been taking our worldwide communities by terrible surprise in recent months.

While it's wonderful to revel in the beautifully simple things of life, I find I can't not give some of my heart over to these important, grave, devastating events that are taking such a very personal toll on our brothers and sisters around the world.

I'm praying that young and old in Japan will be warm and dry tonight, with a bit of nourishing food in their stomachs, news of loved ones, and someone finding the spirit to sing lullabies to frightened, confused little children. Because it's important to nurture the most vulnerable among us, and the lullabies will soothe the adults sitting near, as well.

Much love from the farm,


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