Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Evenings Lighten

Even as I look forward to gardening season and have already enjoyed tilting my head back, eyes closed, to bask in a warmer sun, I feel a little sense of loss at the lengthening days. I know these slightly later sunsets mean the long, dark winter nights are coming to an end.

Ending, too, are the chances to curl up on the couch near the fireplace re-reading dog-eared magazines, of hearing the wind bending the raindrops' path, sending sheets of rain to pound the windows and old adobe walls of our home.

I savor those times when I'm chilled to the bone by some outdoor chore, which gives me permission to step into a long, steaming bubble bath and melt the cold away. Even as I sink deep into the scalding water, I rather enjoy the shivers caused by the slightly ajar window letting in a frigid draft.

It's as the days lengthen that I realize the evenings of reading and studying and poring over ideas and plans will soon give way to putting the plans into action, planting the seeds, nurturing new life and getting good and dirty. Then, the steaming baths will be replaced by barely warm ones meant to soothe joints aching from a good day's work, while drawing away the heat of the day.

I love living where we experience all four seasons to varying degrees, and I know I'll have ample joy in the coming spring and summer. But because I do love all four seasons, I'll, for awhile at least, miss those that have just passed from our grasp.

Love from the farm,

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